We Draw smiles

We provide a range of innovative solutions art, animations , because the animation is one of the most important forms of communication between different cultures and multi- age segments.

Latest Projects

Little Plato Project

Little Plato is a 2D animation project for an educational, health and ancient scientists stories . The materials were prepared under the supervision of specialists in nutrition from Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait.

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The Wondrous Brooch

A 5 minutes cartoon series talking about kids’ health; children’s body, eating healthy to stay healthy and fit, the process of growth and development, how to keep our children safe and how to control diseases.

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Magical Nutrition

A magical cartoon series explains to the children the healthy eating habits, recognizes new types of food, illustrate the needs for diversity and the importance of balanced food for the child , and other useful subjects.

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Dream Guardians

A Fantastic 2D animation and beautiful series focusing on many different rights for children; education rights, security rights, family rights, health care rights and others

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Sami's Mermaids

The main message of this 2D animation series is to explain to the children how they can help in keeping the environment clean and safe. What Environment ethics and how can children implement the GO Green Environment in their class rooms and homes. There are many interesting topics will be addressed in a very funny way

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